Dalida Sadat  



I completed the 4 year training in Gestalt therapy at IVC Kortrijk and I can fall back on an exciting past in social care.

Driven by curiosty I enjoy every time I meet another person. Struck by the complexity of the simplicity of nature, I went to seek out the simplicity in the complexity of being human. How can I support people in search of themselves, in the most soothing way.

The therapeutical experience is a moment of tranquility and approaching one another, non judgementally, and in all sincerity.

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Training and experience

My education is in orthopedagogy, a practical foundation. Two feet on the ground, examining what we have and getting to work.

Next to the practice, I work as psychotherapist at Colruyt as Intern Trainer.

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Why are you seeking therapy?
The answer to that question is as unique as you are.

Most of the times your
outreach stems from the feelings
that you are not satisfied, it doesn't have
to be clear why.

During therapy we try to create an ideal place for you to find peace and calmth. Time and space will be opened up to listen to you and to find out, together, what can help you to be happier in life.

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People are often hurt through contact with others and carry this, sometimes their entire lives.

In Gestalt therapy we attempt to
heal what has been wounded, through
contact. Through talking, feeling and experiencing. Within the therapy room we try to create a safe environment where you can experience new things immediately. These experiences can strengthen you and give you the power to do things differently in your own environment.

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Not only words are important but also what your body is telling you. Are you in pain, cramps, what does this mean for the entirety of your story.

Your surroundings also matter.
As a human being, you live and breathe together with others. How does this work, how did you adjust yourself to your world.

Gestalt believes in growth. Every behavior conceals an attempt to grow. This vision creates the basis for a mild observing of every person.

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Registrations always happen over the phone. Consultations are only possible by appointment. Information inquiries are possible via e-mail.

The first three consultations we will get better acquanted. We will examine what you ask of therapy and find out whether you and me can establish a connection. After the first three consultations we will evaluate whether we will continue. Together we will find out when you can and want to come.

There are two types of consultations, Individual therapy and Couples therapy.

If for any reason you want to cancel an appointment, please notify at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise I will have to charge.
I am bound by the ethical codes established by the NVAGT.



Dalida Sadat
De Gilmanstraat 2
2100 Deurne
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